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The Operations Centre


The Operation Centre is located 5 kilometres north-east of Gulu town centre and is purpose built to target over 100 local villages within the Bardege area.  The Operation Centre will be the main hub of Tamarind Uganda.


Tamarind has finished a solar powered bore water project, supplying clean water to over 500 people in the Bardege Area, the Tamarind Chicken Project as well as the future development of the Operation Centre site. 

Currently the Operation Centre is the base for the chicken layer and egg production project.  The egg production provides jobs and educates the community on egg production.  It also provides income with the project aiming to be fully self sustainable in the future.  The chicken project is based at the Operation Centre (instead of the Training Farm) due to it's proximity to Gulu market for egg sales. Tamarind is employing a single parent to look after the chickens, and like all Tamarind employees she is paid a fair local wage.  This will enable that employee to learn new skills, provide for her child and work in a supportive environment. 

The Operation Centre is also the base for growing seedlings used in the Demonstration Farm - ready access to bore water thanks to the new solar powered bore makes this possible.

While the site is still being developed, the long term plan for the Operation Centre is to create a base for Tamarind staff, a workshop space for The Tribe Artisans and to continue to work with individuals and small groups in training and developing future agricultural and live stock based projects.   

Plans also include running an Empower program, guiding participants through individual and small group work. 

The Operation Centre is crucial as we aim to break the poverty cycle by leading people to become self-sufficient through individual businesses. We help rebuild a strong work ethic in individuals and the wider community, and having a home base like the Operation Centre means we can be more effective in bringing positive change to Uganda.

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